Wanderlist: 8 things to do/see in Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver: The Canadian Frontier, the land of the Olympics and North Hollywood, as well as inspiration for many great Canadian artists. Surrounded by ocean and mountains, its perfect mild climate seems to be THE place to see all year round. It even is ranked in the top 5 worldwide cities for quality of life. It’s no wonder that while travelling abroad, everyone thought of Vancouver when I said I was from Canada.


In fact, I discovered I have seen more of the world than my own country. By the end of the summer I hope to change that, so here are 8 Must-Sees of Vancouver, British Columbia.


(Besides I want to know why all my friends are moving there.)


As some of you know, I am an art nerd, and wherever I go I have to see at least one museum. This one just so happens to home of some of the great Canadian artists such as Emily Carr and the Group of Seven. Plus it seems to be a great meeting spot for many rallies and protests, so maybe I’ll get to see a real movement in action.


During the summer you can hitch on the Mountains cable car up the mountain to see the view of greater Vancouver area from above. What would be cooler than to watch the sun set over the lake and mountains from way up there? It’s also home to the Grouse Grind Trail, natures natural stair master. Yet after seeing how much trouble I had with Ireland hills, I just might skip that part.


APPARENTLY on Friday and Saturday evenings between July 1st and Labour day you the observatory’s admission is by donation only. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening gazing at stars and day dreaming?


According to trip advisor, Cypress park is just minutes from downtown Vancouver, with lots of trails for hiking. It also has a view-point of most of the city, at no cost. (Can you tell I’m the active type?)


One day, I just want to hop on a coach bus from Vancouver city (for roughly $71.00) and see this amazing place. Here you can walk the streets of the Village where gold medalists have made their country proud. There’s also a ziplining adventure tour here, and it’s a new goal of mine to zip-line in as many places as possible… besides, who wouldn’t want to fly through rainforests? Then I can sit by one of Whistler’s blue water lakes and bask in Canada’s beauty.


Thousands of whales each year between March and October set forth on their migration through Vancouver’s waters, and there are a handful of different ways to see them. With a choice of tours from kayaks, zodiacs, seaplane or a cruiser, you can have whatever pace that fits your dreams. Since I have yet to see one, I think Kayaking in the water along an Orca would be an experience I couldn’t turn down if I had the chance.


Known as Vancouver’s oldest section, Gastown is now kind of the hipster part of Vancouver. As an art kid, this is right up my alley. Its streets are full of bakeries, art galleries, store fronts, and some of the best of the best, all with a Victorian charm. An added bonus (and kind of makes me excited), you can follow a scavenger hunt through the town and if you find everything, you can collect two Gastown passport stamps!! How cool is that?


No, Seriously. Vancouver – thanks to its high Asian population – is known for it’s cheap but well made sushi. And let’s face it, being from a small city in Southern Ontario where an ocean is over 500 km away, I don’t have easy access to fresh, cheap, delectable sushi. I’ve been wanting sushi ever since I had it in Galway, and I wont settle for anything less than this.

Bring on the seafood coma!



I also asked the Travel Twitterverse and here is what they suggested!! Thanks for everyone’s help!

(if you have more suggestions please let me know! I’ll even post your answers here)

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